Spiritual Healing

An Introduction to Spiritual Healing in Animals

More and more in recent times, complementary methods of healing are being sought, where traditional medicine and its administration alone are not meeting patient's needs. Natural and spiritual ways are not invasive and support both mind, body and spirit.

It is important that a proper veterinary/medical diagnosis is made. We encourage a holistic approach yet work closely with the veterinary/medical profession.

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The Charles Siddle Foundation for Animal Healing (CSFAH) offer day and weekend workshops, and courses for those interested in exploring the world of healing animals.

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Felicity Wilson

Continuing the work of The Beacon

Having been appointed the sole and official representative of The Beacon by Charles Siddle, Felicity is dedicated to continuing and expanding the work he started. He was sadly unable to realise many of his ideas before his passing, but Felicity, who was trained by, and worked so closely with him, is fully aware of these and will devote her time and efforts to carrying them out.