Felicity Wilson

Continuing the work of The Beacon

Having been appointed the sole and official representative of The Beacon by Charles Siddle, Felicity is dedicated to continuing and expanding the work he started. He was sadly unable to realise many of his ideas before his passing, but Felicity, who was trained by, and worked so closely with him, is fully aware of these and will devote her time and efforts to carrying them out.

Her work as part of a veterinary team in horse practice and at a referral clinic, coupled with the association she has had with other vets pioneering complimentary therapies for both horses and small animals, has given her an all round approach to animal health and management, using the best possible combination of scientific and natural therapies. She is a Riding and Natural Horsemanship instructor, a Championship Show judge and lives with her children, horses, cats, dogs, guinea pigs and rabbits!

Having been brought up in a farming community in Wiltshire, both domestic pets and wild animals have featured prominently in her life. From childhood her gift was evident. On one occasion having found a badger pitifully entangled in a cruel snare, she brought it home leading it like a dog on a lead. Her parents were amazed that she could handle a terrified badger without getting hurt. She then gave the badger the treatment it needed and returned it to it's own environment.

In recent years Felicity's priority has become healing, instigated by Charles, who she is aware is still guiding her along her pathway of healing and in the further development of The Beacon.

Felicity has found that many pets are suffering, along with their owners, from adverse energies in their homes, stables, kennels etc. Geopathic and electromagnetic stress are two of the major problems that affect the animals even more than their owners. The harmonisation of these energies, using either scientific or natural techniques, is the cornerstone of the holistic approach and supports the healing work, promoting good health for all concerned.

A deep love of animals, and a tireless devotion to channelling the healing and facilitating workshops takes Felicity all around the country as she is always willing to travel to carry out her work. Clients range from polecats and pumas to rabbits and guinea pigs, in fact any animal, bird, fish or reptile.

All pictures of animals featured on this Website, are ones who have received the benefit of healing energies channelled by Felicity.