An introduction to spiritual healing in animals

More and more in recent times, complementary methods of healing are being sought, where traditional medicine and its administration alone are not meeting patient's needs. Natural and spiritual ways are not invasive and support both mind, body and spirit.

It is important that a proper veterinary/medical diagnosis is made. We encourage a holistic approach yet work closely with the veterinary/medical profession.

Spiritual healing takes a totally holistic approach, giving consideration to the mind, body and spirit of the patient, both in humans and animals. In both instances the patient is firstly put at their ease and made to feel comfortable and well relaxed, this allows the healer to intuit the condition of the patient from all aspects of their energy field. One should consider the fact that all human conditions are also experienced by our animals, from medical problems such as cancer, rheumatism and arthritis to those of depression, loneliness and lack of self -esteem.

The work of the healer is to channel healing energies to the patient. Depending on the condition involved, this may take several sessions and each time progress and changes are carefully monitored.

When working with animals, to whom no "placebo" effect takes place, the healing, compassion and love from the healer is absorbed freely by them and the results can be amazing. Obviously when an animal is ill, its owner too feels anxious and uneasy, in these circumstances their well being is also considered.

By bringing together the laws of nature and the divine, the healer is able to channel restorative energies to the patient.